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Clyde Roach has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve. He is strongly committed to his causes and displays a formidable resilience. As an immigrant, the five point plan of Team Clyde Roach truly resonates with me as it is focused on the future. The future is where our children will be. So will the well-being of our community.

It’s not the positions that Clyde has held in the corporate world that invite my admiration for this young man. He has won it because of his consistent display of physical and moral courage to fight for causes he truly believes in, and his passion to give solidity to ideas and beliefs.

Let’s nominate Clyde Roach. The time is NOW! 

Guilherme Dias

Leadership Strategy Consultant

"I am very pleased to endorse Clyde Roach for this nomination. I have known Clyde for 14 years and have seen him launch his career in Financial Services in Canada and grow to the position of Managing Director at Manulife Financial. His drive for getting things done, seeing the big picture, courage and character would make him a great candidate for change. 

I salute him for prioritizing community impact over his own career. I am convinced that he has the right vision, passion and integrity to serve and represent his community at Queen's Park. He has valuable leadership, organizational and analytical skills to challenge the status quo and lead change. I have no doubt that he will work relentlessly for his community and make them proud. I wish him the very best!"

Team Clyde Roach